class FieldDescriptor(name)

FieldDescriptor instances serve as field accessors on models.

class ModelMeta

Metaclass for Models.

class Model(raw_data=None, trusted_data=None, deserialize_mapping=None, init=True, partial=True, strict=True, validate=False, app_data=None, lazy=False, **kwargs)

Enclosure for fields and validation. Same pattern deployed by Django models, SQLAlchemy declarative extension and other developer friendly libraries.

  • raw_data (Mapping) – The data to be imported into the model instance.
  • deserialize_mapping (Mapping) – Can be used to provide alternative input names for fields. Values may be strings or lists of strings, keyed by the actual field name.
  • partial (bool) – Allow partial data to validate. Essentially drops the required=True settings from field definitions. Default: True
  • strict (bool) – Complain about unrecognized keys. Default: True


To learn more about how Models are used, visit Using Models